heartmanThe goal of  Insilicomed is to provide integrated biocomputational engineering analysis solutions to medical technology companies to speed the product development cycle and reduce development costs.

Through computational models, Insilicomed’s software and databases integrate biological science, medical knowledge and engineering principles. Insilicomed provides innovative predictive simulation tools and the detailed biological properties in a form suitable for engineers to perform quantitative analyses for rapidly testing new medical technology concepts and designs. Insilicomed’s current platform technology models the physical properties of human cardiovascular tissue, including heart muscle and blood vessels.

Existing modules of the software are designed for use by biomedical device manufacturers during the development phase of a new or improved cardiovascular product. Future modules will expand the use of this platform technology to medical imaging, surgical planning and other fields that would benefit from computational modeling tools of biological tissues and systems.


Insilicomed is a biomedical software company based in La Jolla, California. The company was founded in 2000 by three prominent University of California San Diego bioengineering research scientists, Drs. Andrew McCulloch, Lewis Waldman and Jeffrey Omens. Drs. McCulloch, Waldman and Omens are internationally recognized leaders in cardiovascular mechanics research. Their research and interests in experimental and computational models of cardiac physiology and disease lead to the formation of Insilicomed. The goals of the company are to provide innovative predictive modeling software and computational analysis services for cardiovascular medical device design, medical imaging and surgical planning.

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