Lead Engineers and Scientists

Lewis Waldman, PhD
Senior Associate, Founder, CEO
Lead consultant, oversees all aspects of company operations, expert in cardiac mechanics, ventricular function, soft tissue mechanics, finite elasticity (large deformation), anisotropy, fluid dynamics, heart disease, large animal experimentation, correlation of experimental and clinical data with detailed simulations. Basic and applied research in cardiac electrophysiology and mechanics; supervised or performed services provided to medical technology companies for 17 years; principal consultant and director for Insilicomed since formation in 2000; CEO since 2004; leader of technology transfer from UC San Diego in licensing of Continuity software and amendments to license; former faculty member of Medicine and Bioengineering at UC San Diego; principal or collaborating investigator on numerous NIH grants from 1983 to the present.

Fred Lionetti
Senior Consultant, Software Engineering
Lead software developer for ContinuityPRO, extensive experience reengineering Continuity code base and debugging; expert in software development and programming, parallel computing.

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