Advanced Computational Modeling

The medical technology and pharmaceutical industries stand at the threshold of a new era. This is the result of the explosion of new data that have accompanied the Human Genome Project, recent breakthroughs in biomedical sciences and the rapid commercialization of the Internet. To take advantage of these new information resources, we need powerful new computational tools to analyze and process increasingly voluminous data.

advanced computational modeling , EP example

Insilicomed can now simulate the electrical and mechanical function of the whole heart. These multi-scale computational models include precise anatomical and cellular detail that has been acquired through decades of experimental research and software development. Advances in computer technology allow the processing of very complex computations required to produce realistic human computer models, so advanced that simulations of heart disease in individual patients can be performed. These patient-specific computer models are providing capabilities needed in the new field of precision medicine.

Modeling software that effectively integrates cellular information from the biology lab into the clinical setting will become an essential and increasingly powerful tool. Software of this type is already well established and indispensable in traditional industries such as aerospace, automotive, computer technology, civil infrastructure and manufacturing.

advanced computational modeling, data fitting example

However, the medical technology and pharmaceutical industries have relied far more heavily on empirical and experimental approaches to product development and testing which prolongs the product development cycle and greatly increases cost. This paradigm is expected to change rapidly as new information analysis and modeling software becomes available and regulatory agencies such as the FDA require bioengineering computer analysis and modeling studies as a prerequisite to new product approval. And, the same simulation technology will be increasingly important in clinical medicine where the deployment of these precision medicine tools will allow for improved diagnosis and better treatment of each patient. Insilicomed is at the forefront of this rapidly developing field.

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